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Vesda VLC-500

The LaserCOMPACT RO (Relay Only) detector has been specifically designed to provide all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection, including very early warning, in single environment small areas and where space is a premium. This has been achieved through the combination of approved LaserPLUS detection technology, dual-stage air filtration technology and a modified aspirator design incorporated into a smaller enclosure with a simplified display.

The LaserCOMPACT is made up of two parts: the main enclosure and the front cover.

The main enclosure houses all the key components of the detector. All non-serviceable items like the main processor board and detector chamber are mounted away from the general access area, protecting them during the installation and service process.

The main enclosure includes:

  • Laser Detection Chamber
  • Main processor board with integrated flow sensor card
  • Single air inlet port with air flow monitoring device
  • Termination Card supporting three relays
  • Fire
  • Pre-alarm
  • Alert/Fault
  • (including service and Isolate)
  • The card also includes power connections and VESDAnet communication connection on the (VN) version
  • LaserCOMPACT Aspirator
  • Dual-Stage Air Filter Cartridge
  • Air Exhaust Port

The front cover supports:

  • 5 LEDs
  • Fire
  • Pre-Alarm/Alert
  • Fault
  • OK
  • Reset/Isolate
  • Reset/Isolate Push Button (press to reset, press and hold to isolate)

Additional Features

  • Reduced size
  • Absolute smoke detection
  • Wide sensitivity range
  • Single pipe inlet
  • Simple display
  • Referencing
  • VESDAnet communication (VN)
  • Dual stage dust filter
  • Three Alarm Levels
  • Programmable Relays
  • Air flow monitoring
  • Optional remote display and relay capability
  • Simple mounting design
  • AutoLearn™

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